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As of 2010 there are four Self-Actualization Workshops.  The first two are personal; they are for an individual’s self-actualization.  The second two are corporate and inter-personal— for self-actualizing organizations, companies, and communities.

1) Unleashing Potentials
       Neuro-Semantic Processes for Actualizing Your Highest and Best

Day 1: The Construct: Meaning, Meaning-construction
Unleashed by: Meaning is the mechanism and meaning-making is our instinct.

Day 2: The Crucible: Transformation of old Meanings
Unleashed from: The meanings and actions that diminish you.

Day 3: The Zone: In the Zone of Peak Experiences  
Unleashing for: The highest meanings, values, and visions.

 2) Unleashing Vitality   (Fully Alive / Fully Human)
       Releasing Your Inner Energies for Aliveness in Living the Higher Life

Day 1: Developing Your Base — for the Vitality of a Self-Actualizing Identity

Day 2: Seeking Your Peak — for a highly energized Meta-Life

Day 3: Living the Vitality — of the new restlessness of actualizing your best

 3) Unleashing Creative Solutions
Creativity & Innovation: Four Transformational Conversations for
     Changing You and Your World 

Day 1: Well-formed Outcome  — designing a compelling future.
Well-formed Problem —discovering and defining the interferences & challenges.

Day 2: Well-formed Solution — resolving the problems.

Day 3: Well-formed Innovation — actualizing it in the real world.

 4) Unleashing Leadership
Self-Actualizing Leaders and Companies for Peak Performance Organizations

Day 1: Discovering Self-Actualizing Leadership: The Leadership to Unleash
Bringing out the best in others.

Day 2: Engaging in Self-Actualizing Leadership:
Unleashing Robust Leadership
Authentic leaders to lead the change

Day 3: Leading a Self-Actualizing Company:
Seeking the Peak as an organization
Actualizing everyone in the company



Since self-actualization refers to actualizing your highest and best skills, capabilities, possibilities, and potentials, it is being the best you so that you can be fully alive/fully human and contributing your unique gifts and fully functioning as a psychologically healthy human being in all of your relationships, activities, career, habits, etc., then self-actualization describes what every person is designed for!  It is not an exclusive experience just for a select few.  It is for you!

If self-actualization is also refusing to die with your music and gifts still within you and if it is actively seeking to develop your talents so they become competent skills as your inner richness to give back, then it is the human adventure of growing and developing with child-like love, passion, curiosity, wonder, and learning, then self-actualization is our destiny, highest value, and identity.  It enables a human being to be at his or her very best and enjoy life fully.

We are all born to self-actualize.  It’s simply part of human development when we have no interferences.  But most do not.  Most people are diminished by fears, negativity, toxic thoughts, and dozens of other others.   They are leashed and limited.  They are held back from their own greatness.

The solution?   The Neuro-Semantic Self-Actualization Workshops!  Discover how to unleash the things diminishing you so you can release your highest values and best potentials.  There are now four of them—

1) Unleashing Vitality: Learning to truly and adequately meet you’re the drives of your inner needs and release the innate vitality that gives you the joyful energy of being fully alive.  Learn how to move up to the higher needs and how to live at the level of Peak-ing.

2) Unleashing Potentials: With vitality you can now focus on what to be unleashed from and unleashed to.  You can now enter the Construct to build great meanings, to sacrilize your meanings, and to become a robust meaning-maker.  You can enter the Crucible to melt down old meanings that have created responses that do not serve you, and you can enter the Zone for those moments of peak experiences as you enter into the genius state of flow and focus.

3) Unleashing Creative Solutions: All of this is creativity— creating your best self and facilitates your creative solutions to significant problems— thereby making you a natural entrepreneur.  Discover the four well-formed conversations at the heart of coaching leadership: outcome, problem, solution, and innovation.

4) Unleashing Leadership: If true leadership is bringing out the best in people— enabling them to find their vision, values, powers, passions, and future, then you can be a leader and you can be a self-actualizing leader leading to the development of a self-actualizing company, community, or even nation.  Discover how to do this and how to use the axes of a Self-Actualizing Leader.


Workshop #1

Self-Actualization is a function of rich and robust meanings and focused performances that take your skills to new levels of excellence and expertise.  Then you can get lost in the zone of a joyful engagement.  This describes the three days of the Training—

Day 1: Rising up to own your Powers of Creation

Become the meaning-maker you are.  Discover how to detect and create meaning to eliminate toxic meanings and construct exciting, enlivening, and robust meaning for your full self-actualization.  Develop a richly meaningful identity so you become meaningful to your core!

Day 2: Enter the Crucible of Transformation

As a meaning-maker create your inner crucible where you can transform meanings and performances to unleash new possibilities for yourself.  Let all interferences and self-sabotage from becoming full alive/ fully human melt away in the Crucible of acceptance, love, and truth.

Day 3:  The Zone of Peak Experiences as a Self-Actualizer

Create your personal synthesis of your highest meanings— meanings that challenge and excite you with your skills so that you can fully perform and embody those meanings.  Doing this puts you in the zone of peak performances and peak experiences where you experience the mysterious state of “flow” or “genius.”  Awaken your inner genius so that you can enjoy all of life as a flow experience.

Who should Attend this Training?

    • check Managers and leaders who want to activate their full potentials.
    • check Business owners and entrepreneurs who want to turn loose new possibilities.
    • check Coaches, trainers, consults, therapists and anyone who works to enrich people with enhances capabilities.
    • check Parents, lovers, friends who want to bring out the best in their loved ones.
    • check Visionary leaders who pioneer new directions for the human race.
    • “A musician must make music, an artist must paint, a poet must write, if he is to be ultimately at peace with himself.   What a man can be, he must be.  He must be true to his own nature.  This need we may call self-actualization.”
      Abraham Maslow (1970, p. 46)
    • check Any human being who doesn’t want to die with his or her music within them.
    • check Every person who wants to be the best version of them!


Workshop #2

Tapping Your Inner Energy Sources for the Higher Life

Vitality— do you have it?  Would you like to?

What enables and facilitates the energy of vitality in life?

What releases the inner energy for motivation and drive in life?

Design of the Unleashing Vitality Workshop

“If every human being learns to know what he lacks, learns what his fundamental desires are, learns in broad outline the symptoms that indicate the lack of satisfaction of these fundamental desires, he can consciously go about trying to make up for these lacks.  We may fairly say by this theory most human beings have within their own power greater possibility than they have realized for curing themselves of the multitude of mild maladjustments.   Love, safety, belonginginess, and respect from other people are almost panaceas for the situational disturbances...(1970, 262)

      • check Know what you need to fulfill your inner drives
      • check Move up to fully live the self-actualizing life
      • check Unleash all of your somatic and mental energies for full vitality
      • check To release your potentials and have more of yourself available for life
      • check To find and experience an inspiration for living passionately


The purpose of Self-Actualization is to experience vitality (energy, passion) every day life in every aspect of living.  Self-actualizing peole are alive and awake to the wonder of life and relationships and challenges.  The so-called “motivation problems” that people struggle with is never about “motivation,” it is about needs, need gratifications, the meanings we give to such, and the skills we have for effectively activating our drives.

Day 1:  Developing Your Base — for the Vitality of a Self-Actualizing Identity

Day 2:  Seeking Your Peak — for a highly energized Meta-Life

Day 3:  Living the Vitality — of the new restlessness of actualizing your best


Benefits of Unleashing Potentials — Self-Actualization Workshop #1

      • check Find one potential and learn the processes for releasing it.
      • check By discovering the mechanisms for being unleashed from interferences and unleashed for your highest and best, you can then continue the self-actualizing process for every other potential that clamors for expression.
      • check Discover how you make meaning – in the Construct.
      • check Discover how to make holistic change for transformation— in the Crucible.
      • check Discover how to use the Self-Actualization Quadrants to move — into the Zone.
      • check Primary models: the Self-Actualization Quadrants; The Construct of Neuro-Semantics; the Genius State of Meta-States.


Benefits of Unleashing Vitality — Self-Actualization Workshop #2

      • check Learn to use the Self-Actualization Assessment Scale to recognize where you are and how effective you are in meeting your basic needs.
      • check Develop your base and become well-grounded in your essential needs with the vitality to move to the higher life —the Meta-Life.
      • check Free yourself from any and all psycho-gratifications of lower needs that keeps you stuck at the shallow life.
      • check Use the Self-Actualization Assessment Scale also to measure your higher self-actualization needs.
      • check Move into the Meta-Life — and tap into the higher energies for vitality.
      • check Experience the new restlessness of the self-actualizing life for a higher level of Vitality.
      • check Primary models: the Self-Actualization Assessment Scale, the Gratification Theory of Maslow, the 7 Meta-Needs of Self-Actualization (at the Being level); the Peaking Competencies for living the Self-Actualizing life; the Growth Model of Maslow.


Differences between the First and Second Self-Actualization Workshops

Unleashing vitality is about finding and experience your real self, the uniqueness of your self, and for actualizing that self.

The focus is on your needs— the lower and the higher needs and how to take care of each set of inner drives to release a whole new level of energy and vitality.

Develop meta-skills for effectively coping with the requirements for vitality in living.

Synergize two kinds of cognition: D-cognition and B-cognition so that you can more fully activate the Meaning and Performance axes.

ecause you have a self that can be actualized, you either unleash those possibilities or diminish them.  Who are you biologically —in your body, constitutionally (your base) and who you are at your highest potential as you move to your highest and best (your peak).


Recovering Your Real Self and Develop an Identity of Vitality

Neurosis is a failure of personal growth; a falling short of what you could have been or should have been.  You can lose your real self and become diminished. 

“The person who can’t study, or who can’t sleep, or who can’t eat many foods has been diminished as surely as the one who has been blinded.  The cognitive losses, the lost pleasures, joys, and ecstasies, the loss of competence, the inability to relax, the weakening of the will, the fear of responsibility— all these are diminutions of humanness.” (1971:32)

When you are fully yourself, fully human, you will have an intrinsic vitality about living.  “The people we call ‘sick’ are the people who are not themselves,” they “have built up all sorts of neurotic defenses against being human.” (1971: 51, 51).

Full humanness or Diminition of Humanness

Your Base Identity or Humanness: Who you are biologically, in your body, constitutionally, in your animal urges, needs, tensions, tastes— capacities, what you’re fitted for.

Your Peak Identity or Humanness: Who you are in your highest potentials, in your highest personality development, in your self-transcendence living in the realm of being driven by the being-needs for the being-values.

Workshop #3



Tapping Your Powers for Creativity and Innovation


Who is Unleashing Creative Solutions for?

Coaches, Trainers, Entrepreneurs, Managers, Leaders, or anyone fascinated by the experience of creativity.   Being creative and finding ways of releasing your creativity is the theme of Day 1.  We then focus on the application of creativity to problems—the problems that need creative solutions whether in business or personal life.  For this we need a well-formed problem and powerful problem-solving skills.


This involves the insight: A problem well-defined is half solved.  And the percentage may be much higher than that.  Well-formed problems seem to naturally and spontaneous “solve” maybe 80 or 90 percent of what we thought were problems. From the well-formed problem and well-formed outcome we can have the fabulous conversation of a well-formed solution and innovation. 


In the end, Creativity and Innovation gives birth to a very dynamic coaching conversation —a conversation wherein we dance between these four elements: problem, solution, outcome, innovation.  And knowing how to facilitate these four conversations is the art of leadership, the art of effective coaching, and the heart of creating high value in products and services that create wealth and business excellence.


What are the four conversations?

The Well-Formed Outcome conversation

            The Well-Formed Problem conversation

            The Well-Formed Solution conversation

            The Well-Formed Innovation conversation


In Creative Solutions we explore creativity itself, the process of creativity, the states of creativity, the mind-set and frames of creativity, the identity of creativity, and much more.  Within the training also we explore the essence and nature of problems, what problems are, how to define them, how to eliminate pseudo-problems that masquerade as problems, and how to get a precise and clear understanding of the real problem that needs solving.  From that we step into the solution process of finding and co-creating great solutions —solutions that we can then innovate into the world as value-based and value-giving products and services.


This training is not for the faint of heart or for those who want to cling to the status-quo.  Creativity and Innovation is for people who want to actualize their highest and best, who want to pioneer new solutions and values, create wealth by inventing new solutions, and translating great ideas into deliverable products.  So if this speaks to you with fascination—join us!

Workshop #4





Cutting-edge leadership in the 21st century is self-actualizing leadership— leadership that is people-centered, participative, facilitative, democratic, and empowering people to tap into human capital of intelligence and creative.  It brings out the best in people at all levels in an organization thereby creating more capital and assets in the area of knowledge and innovation.  It creates loyalty and engagement by facilitating the highest potentials in people so that they become fully functioning and their companies fully functioning.


For Coaches — Do you know how to coach to this?  Do you know the resources, models, and processes by which you, as an executive coach or a business coach, can facilitate this in leadership development?  Would you like to?


Unleashing Self-Actualizing Leadership will enable you to identify your best Matrix of Meanings and experience coaching to your Leadership Matrix.  Discover coaching processes for bringing out your own leadership potentials or those of others.  Discover how to actually use the Needs levels of Abraham Maslow for unleashing potentials and enabling yourself and others to move to your highest values and visions and unlock the hidden potentials for your best performances.  Become self-actualizing as a coach or a leader in order to release your company, organization, or government to become self-actualizing.



Is there a leader within awaiting to be awakened, developed, and released?

How are you at your own self-leadership as you set your own direction, vision, and meanings?

Are you open to a cutting-edge form of leadership development that taps and unleashes your highest and best potentials?

Would you be interested in developing self-actualizing leadership in your family, business, or community?


Unleashing Leadership applies the psychology of “the Bright Side” of human nature and empowers you to experience your own unleashing as well as being able to lead and coach the best self-actualization in those who you touch and influence.


Value and Benefit of Unleashing Leadership


Discover and release potentials clamoring within

Take your leadership to a whole new level of authenticity and effectiveness

Increase your persuasiveness through refining your style

Tap into the intellectual and creative potentials of those you lead

Enjoy the peak experience of being and becoming your best

Develop an integrity and congruence that flows from your own authenticity



Leaders can be developed!  Why is that?  And how does that work?  It works because leadership is not absolute.  No one is always a leader.  It works because leadership is a situational function.  The person who can contribute something of value to others due to what he or she knows, feels, envisions, inspires, facilitates, or empowers is the leader in that context— if the quality of “leadership” is endowed by those who follow.


Understanding that genuine leadership is relational—an inter-relational set of actions between people and that it is all about enabling, empowering, and facilitating—highlights that leadership roles are privileges for contribution.  So we can indeed develop, prepare, and groom people for leadership and we need to do so at all levels of organizations and communities.  Further, we need good leaders today.  We need high quality leaders with vision and wisdom who can lead groups, companies, teams, and corporations.


meta coaching


Peak Potential Training